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cover Achieving Transparency in Pro-poor Education Incentives

Edited by Muriel Poisson

Ethics and Corruption in Education series

Ce titre est disponible.

15,00 € €

Livre, 304 pages, footnotes, tables, figures and boxes

Format: 23 x 15 cm (paperback)

2014, 978-92-803-1371-0


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What are the ways to ensure that scholarships, conditional cash transfers and free school meals actually reach their intended beneficiaries? This book assumes that different models of design, targeting, and management of pro-poor incentives can prove more or less successful in maximizing efficiency, transparency, and accountability, and in minimizing the likelihood of errors, fraud and corrupt practices.

The authors argue that deliberate actions taken to confront related corruption risks, such as simplified targeting, legal definition of responsibilities, local transparency committees, school display boards, appeals mechanisms, informal whistleblowing and social audits, among others, are of greater importance than the adopted incentive model. They conclude by highlighting the value of ‘mutual accountability systems’, where all actors are mutually accountable and subject to checks and balances.

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