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cover Inventory of Monuments at Pagan

Volume V: Monuments 1137-1439

By Pierre Pichard

Art, Museums and Monuments series

Ce titre est disponible.

99,10 € €

Livre, 428 pages, illus., diagrams, charts, maps

Format: 29 x 23 cm

1995, 978-92-3-103128-1

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UNESCO Publishing / Kiskadale / EFEO 

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More than 2,000 Buddhist monuments still stand on the archaeological site of Pagan, capital of Myanmar from 1044 until the Mongol invasion in 1287. This major eight-volume work by Pierre Richard is the first complete inventory of the treasures to be found at this exceptional site.
Pages are dedicated to each monument which comprises line drawings, photographs and descriptive text.

Volume V: Monuments 1137-1439
Starting in the Tamani area, this volume describes some of the oldest monuments of Pagan: Naga-yon-hpaya and Abe-ya-dana-hpaya, both from the end of the 11th century, the So-min-gyi-hyapa stupa and the So-min-gyi-ok-kyaung monastery. It also records unique monuments such as Nan-hpaya and Ma-nu-ha-hpaya, as well as the Kuyauk-gyi temple, where the most comprehensive Pagan corpus of mural paintings has recently been cleaned. The volume ends with the great Mingala-zedi stupa, the last large monument built under royal patronage at Pagan a few years before the fall of the city.

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