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cover The Ecology of Tropical Forest Tree Seedlings

Volume 17

Edited by M. D. Swaine

Man and the Biosphere series, 17

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51,80 € €

Livre, 340 pages, illustrations, figures, tables, bibliography

Format: 24 x 16 cm (Hardback)

1996, 978-92-3-103299-8

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UNESCO Publishing / Parthenon Publishing Group 

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This volume focuses on the young tree, from the vulnerable, newly-germinated seedling to the well-established plant, and on the factors affecting the high mortality during this stage in tree development. The publication brings together the findings of key research scientists on seedling establishment and environmental requirements in many different forest situations. Adressed are issues such as the demography, morphology an physiology of seedling, and their reponses to the availability of resources, notably light, nutrient and water. This book will be of particular interest to forester, ecologists and resource managers who are interested in the structure, functioning and regeneration of tropical forests.

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