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The Restoration of Borobudur

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Le Globe symbolique

10,00 € € / 7,00 € €
Actualité d'Averroès

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cover The Silk Roads

Roads of Encounter (PAL)

By John Lawton

Memory of Peoples series

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19,10 € €

Vidéo, PAL, 88 minutes

1997, 978-92-3-103691-0

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UNESCO Publishing

A unique documentary in its wealth and depth of information. The original documents were filmed by local television teams of nine countries in Central Asia as the expedition, organized within UNESCO's programme 'Integral Study of the Silk Roads: Route of Dialogue' retraced the 2,000-year-old 20,000 km silk and spices route linking East and West and thus ideas, religions, people, products and cultures in both directions. John Lawton composed later a fascinating kaleidoscope, where, from Sian in China to Constantinople at the doors of Europe, the legendary and the present meet. And the dialogue is still alive.

Also available in the Memory of Peoples series

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