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cover The Venice Lagoon Ecosystem

Volume 25 - Inputs and Interactions Between Land and Sea

Edited by P. Lasserre and A. Marzollo

Man and the Biosphere series, 25

Ce titre est disponible.

90,70 € €

Livre, 508 pages, graphs, tables, maps

Format: 24 x 16 cm (Hardback)

2000, 978-92-3-103595-1


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UNESCO Publishing / Parthenon Publishing Group 

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New insights into the functioning of the Venice Lagoon and the biological effects of environmental pollution. Based on the Venice Lagoon Ecosystem Project, carried out in the early 1990s following agreements between the Italian governement, the Municipality of Venice, UNESCO and a number of research institutes from Italy and elsewhere.

Topics addressed include the role of colloidal material in biogeochemical cycling of organic carbon and trace metals, the interactions between lagoon sediments and degradation of organic matter, the processes which regulate the coupling of nutrient dynamics, oxygen and metal concentrations, and the effects of contaminants on macroalgae, molluscs, fish and other biota.

The scientific results reported in this volume represent a distinctive contribution to the understanding of one of the world's most renowned coastal lagoon ecosystems, as well as to decisions on the future development of Venice and its lagoon. The approaches and insights described in the book will also be of interest to scientists working on coastal lagoon ecosystems in other parts of the world.

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