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cover Dream Trackers - Yapa Art and Knowledge of the Australian Desert

Developed with the Lajamanu elders and artists of the Warnayaka Art Centre by Barbara Glowczewski and Virtuel Bazaar

Memory of Peoples series

Ce titre n'est pas disponible.

57,90 € €

CD-ROM, 14 hs of navigation, 500 photos, films, songs and stories, texts, hyperlinks

Format: PC/Mac

2001, 978-92-3-003774-1


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UNESCO Publishing

Edition multilingue en French
Yapa is a Central Australian word for 'indigenous people'. The aboriginal notion of "jukurrpa" is the dream as a parallel space-time, a past, present and virtual memory of the earth and cosmos. It manifests itself as Ancestral and Eternal Beings, the myths of their adventures, the trails of their travels, the rituals, sites or sacred objects that embody their living resence.

Fifty-one Warlpiri artists and story-tellers lead us on a journey through their ritual painting, singing and dancing, on the tracks of their Dreaming Ancestors, who are embodied in the land.

This cd-rom represents only a fraction of the complex cultural, ritual and ecological knowledge of the Warlpiri people, but the transposition of their cognitive mapping into an interactive map allows the user an immediate experience of the interconnectivity of indigenous cosmology, emulated by the logic of cd-roms and the Web. Multimedia becomes an ideal tool to convey the dynamism and wealth of oral traditions and, by strengthening the dialogue between elders and youth, it reinforces the transmition of indigenous knowledge.

Dream Trackers - Yapa Art and Knowledge of the Australian Desert was developed with the collaboration of Warlpiri artists and story-tellers who, with the elders of the community, have carefully verified the contents. In use by the Lajamanu school since 1998, the use of the cd-rom by univesities, museums and other cultural institutions was decided by the Community Council and the artists, represented by the Warnayaca Art Centre, who receives part of the income from distribution.

For private use on single computers: for sale on this site. For multi-users in institutions: sold under licence, please contact UNESCO Publishing.

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