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Thinking at Crossroads: in Search of New Languages

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cover Silk, Scents and Spice (DVD)

Tracing the World's Great Trade Routes

By John Lawton
DVD for use with TV and computer, interactive menus, animated maps.

Memory of Peoples series

Ce titre est disponible.

48,80 € €

DVD, running time: 115 minutes approx.

Format: Colour - PAL

2001, 978-92-3-103819-8

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UNESCO Publishing / Keremedia

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This DVD, based on a documentary co-produced with Arté, traces the history of peoples along the Incense Trail, the Silk Road and the Spice Route. These routes left an everlasting imprint on the history of ideas, technologies and religion. An excellent complement to the book of the same name, it offers viewers the chance to see the history and sights of these fascinating regions and cultures unfold before their eyes.

Silk, Scents and Spice (Book)

Also available in the Memory of Peoples series

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