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cover The Different Aspects of Islamic Culture

Volume II: The Individual and Society in Islam (Arabic edition)

Directeur du volume : A. Bouhdiba
Co-directeur : M. Ma'ruf al-Dawalibi


Multiple History series

Ce titre est disponible.

45,70 € €

Livre, 484 pages, black and white photographs

Format: 24.5 x 17 cm (hardback)

2000, 978-92-3-602742-5


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UNESCO Publishing

Publié également en anglais
Publié également en français
Publié également en arabe

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A world religion since its inception in the seventh century A.D., Islam is today seeking vigorous answers to contemporary problems through its multi-faceted history. Issues of poverty and wealth, inequality and demands for political expression, and respect for diversity in a difficult world of conformity are dealt with in this series. The study is organized along thematic rather than chronological lines. It is not necessary to read the volumes in order, and Volume II is in fact the first to have been published.

This volume studies fundamental values of Islam, along with the nature of rights and the responsibilities in a general context. The authors analyse the development of social thought and morality in Islam, and ways in which they are enforced through the family and education. Particular attention is paid to the status of women, children, youth and the socially excluded. Several chapters broach specially Islamic approaches to economics, government and justice.

Forthcoming (Arabic edition):
Volumes I, III, IV, V et VI

MOTS CLES · Civilisation · Condition de la femme · Culture islamique · Droit islamique · Droits humains · Economie · Éducation islamique · Éthique · Histoire culturelle · Islam · Jeune · Milieu familial · Minorité · Philosophie politique · Politique · Valeur culturelle · Vie quotidienne

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