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cover Keys to the 21st Century

Edited by Jérôme Bindé
Preface by Koïchiro Matsuura

The Philosopher's Library series

Ce titre est disponible.

29,00 € €

Livre, 400 pages

Format: 23 x 15 cm

2001, 978-92-3-103646-0


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UNESCO Publishing / Berghahn Books 

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Publié également en espagnol
Publié également en arabe
Publié également en arabe

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Are we prepared for the 21st century? there is room for doubt. The future seems increasingly uncertain, hard to decipher, ambiguous in its very indeterminism, sometimes frankly illegible.

To respond in a timely manner to the challenges of the 21st century, one must start by posing the right questions so as to identify possible solutions, if any, before it is too late. This is exactly the role of future oriented studies and forward thinking as represented in this volume.

Originating as it does in a UNESCO series of encounters and exchanges between scientists, intellectuals, artists, decision makers, and leading personalities from public life, it offers a forum for an open debate, in the spirit of a new ethic of discussion, on a wide range of problems, challenges and solutions from a variety of perspectives. In short, what this volumes strives to achieve is to contribute to an ethics of the future.

With contributions by: A. Appadurai, J. Attali, J. Baudrillard, B. Boutros-Ghali, M. Castells, S. J. Gould, L. Montagnier, E. Morin, V. Muntarbhorn, N. Ndiaye, E. Portella, I. Prigogine, M. Robinson, A. Toumani Touré, A. Touraine, G. Vattimo, Th. Zeldin

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