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cover Geological Map of the World

CD-ROM for the general public: GeoKiosk - New edition of the map - Scales: 1/ 25 000 000 for the Antarctic and 1/ 17 000 000 for theo Arctic

Map designed and coordinated by Ph. Bouysse (CGMW)
In collaboration with international specialists and Geological Surveys

Earth Sciences series

Ce titre est disponible.

53,10 € €

CD-ROM, 2nd edition

2000, 978-92-3-009802-5

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UNESCO Publishing / Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW) 

Edition multilingue en French
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GeoKiosk is an interactive product of simple manipulation offering a span of performances such as easy navigation, zooming and selective viewing of the different geological units and geographical areas, while granting a perfect readability of the map on the screen. This is the ideal format for multimedia purposes.

This second edition of the Geological Map of the World has been entirely revised to show a clear distinction between sedimentary, volcanic extrusive, and endogenous dated formations. The geology of the oceans has been also updated according to the most recent magnetic and satellite-gravimetric data. Positions of the main volcanoes and meteoritic craters were added to the map, and its new cartographic conception allows a rapid visual reconstruction of the main plates and sub-plates of the global tectonics.

The Mercator projection provides the choice of centering the assembled maps either on the Atlantic (to emphasize the sea-floor spreading and subsequent continental drift) or on the Pacific (for the phenomenon of subduction with the "Ring of Fire"). This geological wall map is the only one existing today that shows the world geological setting at a glance. There is a clearly distinguishable contrast between the continents, where rocks may attain an age of up to nearly 4 billion years, and the oceanic crust, not exceeding 200 million years.

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