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cover Manual on Harmful Marine Microalgae

Edited by G.M. Hallegraeff, D.M. Anderson and A.D. Cembella
Technical director: H.O. Enevoldsen

Oceanographic Methodology series

Ce titre est disponible.

49,50 € €

Livre, 794 pages, figs, tables, biblio., 2nd revised edition, first published in 2003

Format: 25 x 16 cm (Hardback)

2003, 978-92-3-103871-6


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UNESCO Publishing

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This volume is a source book of protocols for studying, monitoring and managing harmful marine microalgae. Proliferation of microalgae in marine, brackish or fresh waters can cause the destruction of huge numbers of fish, contaminate seafood with toxins and alter ecosystems.
About 300 species of microalgae are reported to form mass occurrences, so-called 'blooms', and nearly one-fourth of these species are known to produce toxins.
The Manual is a key reference in the fields of harmful algal sampling, identification, culturing, toxin analysis, toxicology and management.

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