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cover Small is Working

Technology for Poverty Reduction (NTSC)

Video and Booklet (60 pp., format: 21 x 15 cm) not sold separately

Environment and Development series

Ce titre n'est pas disponible.

14,80 € €

Vidéo, NTSC, 90 min

2003, 978-92-3-180003-0

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UNESCO Publishing / ITDG / TVE

The use of low-cost, small-scale technologies in developing countries was first promoted in the 1960s by E. F. Schumacher in his book Small is beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered in 1973. It became one of the most influential books of the last fifty years. As we face issues of sustainability and globalization, Schumacher’s message becomes even more relevant today than it was thirty years ago.

The booklet and accompanying video, Small is Working: Technology for Poverty Reduction, bring together research and case studies to demonstrate and promote the contribution of small-scale technology to poverty reduction, especially in Least Developed Countries.

This video is also available in PAL format Small is Working


Foreword, p. 3
Summary, p. 5
Introduction: Technology and Poverty, p. 6

PART ONE: Assumptions, Goals and Strategies, p. 11
Respect, p. 11
Dignity and Freedom, p. 13
Sustainability, p. 17
Equity and Inclusion, p. 22
Creativity and Innovation, p. 26
Conclusion, p. 28

PART TWO: Hands On Stories of Good Practice, p. 31
1. Gene Savers, p. 33
2. Maasai Housing, p. 36
3. The Hills are Alive to the Sound of Radio Impacto, p. 38
4. Logging Off, p. 40
5. Wind of Change, p. 43
6. Donuts for Diesel, p. 46
7. A Fair Grind, p. 48
8. Food for Thought, p. 50
9. Play-pumps, p. 53
10. Babassu Breakers, p. 53

Notes, p. 57

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