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De Soie, de Parfums et d’Épices

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Les ruines de Ninive

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Textiles mayas

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cover Ocean Sciences Bridging the Millennia

A Spectrum of Historical Accounts

Edited by an IOC-FIO Panel: Selim Morcos (Chairman), Mingyuan Zhu (Vice-Chairman), Roger Charlier, Makram Gerges, Gunnar Kullenberg, Walter Lenz, Ming Lu and Emei Zou
Coordinator and English Editor: Gary Wright

Environment and Development series

Ce titre est disponible.

45,00 € €

Livre, 508 pages, illustrations, maps

Format: 24 x 16.7 cm

2004, 978-92-3-103936-2


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UNESCO Publishing / China Ocean Press 

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Since the rise of ancient civilizations, human curiosity has led to relentless exploration in an attempt to understand the oceans that cover 70% of our planet. The findings of ancient maritime explorers still form the foundations of modern knowledge and research, which benefit from increasingly precise instruments and platforms such as large research ships and satellites.

This well-illustrated book covers the work of many scientists and explorers throughout history and across the globe, who devoted their lives to study the oceans and coasts. Topics range from very early Chinese nautical inventions and tidal observations to the many and varied scientific research and exploration campaigns carried out in recent centuries. Americans, Belgians, English, Russians and Scandinavians are also among those whose exploits are discussed. In addition, the volume addresses crucial questions dealt with in the past concerning coastal and ocean management issues of prime importance to the wise use of ocean resources, such as food and energy.

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