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cover Towards Knowledge Societies

UNESCO World Report (Chinese edition)

Director: Jérôme Bindé.

UNESCO Reference Works series

Ce titre est disponible.

10,00 € €

Livre, 236 pages, figures, boxes, tables, references, notes

Format: 28 x 21,5 cm

2005, 978-92-3-504000-5


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UNESCO Publishing

Publié également en anglais
Publié également en français
Publié également en espagnol

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The work is the first in a new series of UNESCO reports, to be published every two years, focusing on subjects at the heart of the Organization’s mission such as cultural diversity and sustainable development.

Towards Knowledge Societies clearly makes the distinction between knowledge societies and the information society. While the information society is based on technological breakthroughs, knowledge societies “encompass broader social, ethical and political dimensions.” The Report focuses in particular on the foundations on which knowledge societies that will optimize sustainable human development are constructed.
The Report analyses the increasingly important role played by knowledge in economic growth and advances that it can serve as a new springboard for development in the countries of the South. It also presents a detailed analysis of the factors blocking the access of many countries to the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies, especially the growing digital divide and restrictions on freedom of expression. Finally, it makes a series of recommendations to improve the situation.

Also available in the UNESCO Reference Works series

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