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cover Textbooks and Quality Learning for All: Some Lessons Learned from International Experiences

Edited by Cecilia Braslavsky in collaboration with Katya Halil

Studies in Comparative Education series

Ce titre est disponible.

20,00 € €

Livre, 404 pages, tables, figures, boxes, schemas, notes, bibliography, appendices, references

Format: 21 x 15 cm

2006, 978-92-3-104027-6


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Focused on the dual aspects of access and quality, this publication discusses the role of textbooks in facilitating quality education for all. The book consists of two reviews with international perspectives: the first focused on supply, access, and content and the second on didactics and impact; two chapters, one on Brazil and the other on the Russian Federation, that review the challenges of developing, evaluating, and distributing high-quality, affordable, and relevant textbooks for all in these federal contexts; a sixth element that analyses the impact of development interventions on textbook provision; and an exploration of the relationship between textbook content and identity-based conflict in Rwanda.

The authors document strategies that could help to optimise procedures of textbook development, production, and evaluation; enhance textbooks' pedagogical impact; improve teachers' selection of textbooks; raise textbook supply efficiently; and constructively manage textbook and identity development in federal contexts, countries of transition, or zones of post-conflict reconstruction. This book aims to be of interest to academics and practitioners in this area, including teachers, specialists in pedagogy, curriculum developers, policy-makers, professionals in textbook production, and development agencies.

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