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Guides UNESCO du Patrimoine Mondial

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cover Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development

Scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges

Forewords by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and the UNESCO Director-General

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Livre, 376 pages, colour photographs, figures, tables, references, annex

Format: 24 x 18 cm (paperback)

2009, 978-92-3-104139-6


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UNESCO Publishing

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The Arctic is undergoing rapid and dramatic environmental and social transformations due to climate change. This has ramifications for the entire planet, as change spreads through interconnected global networks that are environmental, cultural, economic and political. Today, with the major thrust of research shifting away from deciphering causes and monitoring trends, the central preoccupation of a growing circle of actors has become the exploration of strategies for responding and adapting to climate change.

But to understand the far-reaching nature of climate change impacts and the complexities of adaptation, a truly interdisciplinary approach is required. Unique in the UN system, UNESCO brings together the domains of natural sciences, social sciences, culture, education and communication. Given this broad mandate, UNESCO favours integrated approaches for monitoring and adapting to climate change in the Arctic, fostering dialogue among scientists, circumpolar communities and decision-makers.

This book brings together the knowledge, concerns and visions of leading Arctic scientists in the natural and social sciences, prominent Chukchi, Even, Inuit and Saami leaders from across the circumpolar North, and international experts in education, health and ethics. They highlight the urgent need for a sustained interdisciplinary and multi-actor approach to monitoring, managing and responding to climate change in the Arctic, and explore avenues by which this can be achieved.

MOTS CLES · Changement climatique · Communauté · Conditions de vie · Dégradation de l'environnement · Développement durable · Développement économique et social · Diversité biologique · Écosystème · Éducation environnementale · Éthique de l'environnement · Réchauffement de la planète · Région arctique · Santé

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