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cover Advanced Simulation and Modelling for Urban Groundwater Management – UGROW

Edited by Dubravka Pokrajac and Ken Howard

Urban Water series – UNESCO-IHP

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38,00 € €

Livre / Cd-Rom, 252 pages, figures, tables, colour plates, glossary, references, index

Format: 24.5 x 17.2 cm (paperback)

2010, 978-92-3-104173-0


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UNESCO Publishing / Taylor & Francis

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Following from the Sixth Phase of UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (2002-2007), the Urban Water Series - UNESCO-IHP addresses fundamental issues related to the role of water in cities and the effects of urbanization on the hydrological cycle and water resources. Focusing on the development of integrated approaches to sustainable urban water management, the Series should inform the work of urban water management practitioners, policy-makers and educators throughout the world.

Advanced Simulation and Modelling for Urban Groundwater Management – UGROW
Groundwater plays a vital role in the urban water cycle but is frequently ignored. The assessment and evaluation of urban water systems rarely consider the contribution of groundwater to the urban water budget, and available decision-support tools for integrated urban water management often fail to include aquifer storage and the strong two-way interaction that commonly occurs between groundwater and surface water and other urban water system components.

Advanced Simulation and Modelling for Urban Groundwater Management – UGROW presents the result of a project of UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme on the topic. The book presents UGROW—a complete and fully integrated Modelling package—for simulating urban water systems. As a decision-support tool for urban water management, it focuses on urban groundwater, but all other key urban water system elements are fully represented and seamlessly linked. The theory behind UGROW is thoroughly described in the book, with three case studies illustrating how UGROW can be applied in practice. A CD-ROM containing a fully functional version of UGROW is included in the book.

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