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cover Management of Adult Education Organisations in Africa

Fredrick Muyia Nafukho, Nelson H.W. Wawire and Penina Mungania Lam

UIL Studies series

Ce titre est disponible.

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Livre, 246 pages, tables, figures, references, index

Format: 24 x 16.7 cm

2011, 978-1-86891-848-5


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UNESCO-UIL / Pearson Education South Africa

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Management of Adult Education Organisations in Africa is premised upon the notion that Adult Education is now considered a mainstream academic discipline in several African countries and its importance in today’s knowledge and 'ideas' economies is growing steadily. Sound leadership and management is a prerequisite to the successful operation of adult education organisations. The book relies on African perspectives of managerial leadership to illustrate urgent need to recognise the important role played by management in the provision of adult education.

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Also available in the UIL Studies series

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