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cover Global Education Digest 2011

Comparing Education Statistics Across the World - Focus on Secondary Education

UNESCO Reference Works Series

Ce titre n'est pas disponible.

25,00 € €

Livre, 308 pages, figures, boxes, footnotes, references, statistical tables, annexes, glossary

Format: 28 × 21.5 cm

2011, 978-92-9189-103-0


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Publié également en français
Publié également en espagnol

The 2011 Global Education Digest examines trends in secondary education, which is the next great challenge for many countries approaching universal primary education. Globally, the number of children enrolled at the secondary level has tripled since 1970. Yet access remains limited in many countries.

The report shows how gender disparities are shaping the levels of educational attainment of boys and girls and explores how the combination of different types of disparities–associated with gender, socio-economic status and geographic location–can impact the educational exposure of children who are out of school. It examines the human and financial resources devoted to the classroom experience of students. The number of secondary school teachers has risen by 50% since 1990, yet shortages persist.

The Global Education Digest presents a wide range of indicators and data for the school year ending in 2009 or the latest available year. In addition, it includes data from the World Education Indicators (WEI) programme, which can be used to benchmark the performance of national education systems in 62 countries, including members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

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