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cover Global Bioethics: What for?

20th anniversary of UNESCO’s Bioethics Programme

Edited by Germán Solinís

Ethics series

Ce titre est disponible.

22,00 € €

Livre, 152 pages

Format: 24 x 14 cm (paperback)

2015, 978-92-3-100061-4


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UNESCO Publishing

Publié également en français
Publié également en espagnol

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Through the experiences of each of the authors, specialists from all over the world, men and women who have contributed to the Bioethics Programme of UNESCO, here are thirty articles of four pages each providing us with many accessible definitions of bioethics and its use. This book is just one of the ways in which the Programme is celebrating its twenty years of existence. The reader will find thought-provoking ideas with regard to philosophical concepts and attributes of bioethics, its normative interest and fields of application, and the challenges it faces.

Authors such as Daniel Callahan, Michèle Stanton-Jean, Federico Mayor, Juliana González, Michael Kirby, Mary Rawlinson, Henk ten Have or Vasil Gluchman talk of our Programme’s history and the benefits it provides and they debate which is the best framework for its future in terms of values, procedures, principles and policies. It is through bioethical discernment, with its complexity, cultural diversity, social differentiation and economic inequality that answers can be found, with our feet planted in local history but our sights set on the holistic horizon.

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