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cover Creative Economy Report – 2013 Special Edition

Widening Local Development Pathways (Arabic edition)


Ce titre est disponible.

45,00 € €

Livre, 204 pages, boxes, figures, footnotes, annexes, references

Format: 28 x 21.5 cm (paperback)

2015, 978-92-3-600032-9


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UNESCO / United Nations / UNDP

Publié également en anglais
Publié également en français
Publié également en espagnol
Publié également en arabe

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The creative economy is not only one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy; it is also a highly transformative one in terms of income generation, job creation and export earnings. But this is not at all there is to it.

Unlocking the potential of the creative economy also means promoting the overall creativity of societies, affirming the distinctive identity of the places where it flourishes and clusters, improving the quality of life there, enhancing local image and prestige, and strengthening the resources for the imagining of diverse new futures.

The United Nations Creative Economy Report 2013, Special Edition, builds on the 2008 and 2010 Reports, widening contributions to unlock the huge untapped potential of the creative economy at the local level as a way to promote a new kind of development experience. This Special Edition examines the interactions, specificities and policies at local levels and how the creative economy is practically promoted in communities, cities and regions across the developing world.

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