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De Soie, de Parfums et d’Épices

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Les ruines de Ninive

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Biosphere Reserves: Special Places for People and Nature

'This book provides a lively and well-written summary on the biosphere reserve concept and its implementation. It brings together a wealth of up-to-date information on the subject and includes objectives of the Seville Strategy for Biosphere Reserves, a basic framework for the development of biosphere reserves, interspersed with the text. There are ten chapters, which are grouped into four different sections including an introduction on biosphere reserves, functioning of the reserves, management and prospects for the future. It will appeal to anyone with an interest in the conservation of biodiversity.'

Sherkin Comment

'This 208 page, A4 book gives a comprehensive overview of biosphere reserves. These are special natural areas of international importance, which are designated by UNESCO. Biosphere reserves take into account conservation interests, while at the same time recognizing the need for compatible human use. (…) For teachers and students, the most useful feature of the book may be the great number and variety of different projects that are described. There are many examples of conservation from around the world. These include details of local research projects on sustainable development, as well as interpretive and educational materials based on particular reserves. The collation of all these project descriptions into one book could save a great deal of research time.'

The Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust

‘This beautifully produced book documents the story of the biosphere reserves and is packed with inspiring examples of how people and nature can live together.’


Biosphere Reserves: Special Places for People and Nature, a recent publication compiled and edited by the UNESCO-MAB Secretariat, traces the progress and pitfalls of Man and the Biosphere (MAB)’s quest to develop the concept and tools of sustainable development. The book conveys the message that the world is smaller than we think and that there are many lessons to be learned, country to country. “A world problem ─ a world solution”. The book is attractively laid out and is well-sourced and documented. Information is mainly organised into case studies from Cambodia to Sierra Nevada to Colombia. (…)’

National Parks Journal

‘This book outlines the analytical and historical foundations of the MAB concept as well as major environmental conventions. It also presents concise portraits of diverse reserves to highlight accomplishments as well as difficulties encountered in promoting sustainable development in different socio-economic, cultural and geographic contexts. This is not an easy read, but the book is well laid out, with some useful project descriptions from around the world.’

People & the Planet

‘This well illustrated volume addresses issues such as biosphere reserves as a concept and tool, conserving diversity, testing approaches to sustainable development, biosphere reserves as research spaces, learning through biosphere reserves, national building blocks, regional and sub-regional co-operation, and more. In other words, it offers a welcome overview of the biosphere reserve concept and its implementation, bringing together a fair amount of presently dispersed information.’

Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association

‘Extensive and lavishly illustrated, this publication reports from UNESCO’s Man and the biosphere program and is a great tool for both zapping through the numerous examples and approaches of conserving the biosphere, as well as a starting point for systematical study. (…) This publication should be present in libraries of professionals, students and interested laymen alike as a fundamental report on the issue.’

Internetwork for Sustainability (INS)

‘Launched in the 1970s as part of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme, the biosphere reserve concept is both a concept and a practical tool that seeks to balance conservation of biodiversity and biological products with their sustainable use. This book reviews the concept and its implementation, describing its evolution and highlighting its application in conserving biological and cultural diversity and in sustainable development. Filled with images and illustrations, the book brings together case studies from around the world to describe the achievements, challenges and impacts of biosphere reserves.’

Linkages Update, International Institute for Sustainable Development





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