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Nordic Stone

"… An invaluable resource on natural stones found in the Nordic countries, the book provides descriptions of all the main stone types, with information on their geology and technology…"

Mining Magazine (UK)

"Nordic stone is beautifully laid out and printed, and the well-structured text reads easily. The publication is a very valuable source of information on the Nordic stone industry, addressing the subject both on a technical and practical level."

D. J. Barnardo, Council for Geoscience, Pretoria, South Africa

« Edité sous l’égide de l’UNESCO, l’ouvrage Nordic Stone de Olavi Selonen et Veli Suominen, présente l’ensemble des ressources de Finlande, Norvège et Suède, en matière de roches ornementales : granit, gneiss, schistes et autres calcaires.
Les auteurs, qui ont reçu la collaboration du professeur Asher Shadmon, proposent sur 66 pages, un tour d’horizon complet sur la géologie, l’histoire, les ressources, les techniques d’exploitation et de transformation, des roches ornementales de chacun de ces pays. »

Pierre Actual , revue des métiers de la pierre

'This slim volume provides not only a long needed summary of the principal sources of the main dimension stones exported from Scandinavian countries, but also provides useful background information on their geological origins and mineralogical characteristics, information that is seriously lacking for many stones imported into the UK from elsewhere in the world. (…) All in all, this volume is an excellent summary of the present and past Nordic stone industry and well worth its place on the bookshelf of architects and designers or indeed anyone else with an interest in identifying stone types in the market place. It is to be hoped that it will encourage further the use of natural stone in buildings as an alternative to the drab concrete, glass and shiny steel structures which are beginning to dominate our major cities.'

Graham Lott, Journal of the British Geological Survey

'Nordic Stone relates construction value to the aesthetics of our living environment, and the heritage of Scandinavian stone buildings to the evolution of quarrying technologies. It does so in a readable, informative and well illustrated fashion, with proper regard to the background geology.'

WEGA – The West of England Group of the Geologists’ Association

« L’UNESCO publie en collaboration avec l’Association internationale de géologie de l’ingénieur (IAEG), le Service géologique de Finlande, celui de Suède et celui de Norvège un très intéressant travail collectif de différents spécialistes des pays concernés. Il s’agit de la présentation à la fois technique et grand public, sous une mise en page moderne et agréable, d’un rapport de recherche sur l’état de l’art des roches ornementales en Suède, en Norvège et en Finlande. (…) Ce livre en anglais, constitue, sous une présentation à la fois très exhaustive et séduisante, la synthèse d’une foule de rapports techniques et de publications beaucoup moins accessibles en langue scandinave. (…) L’ensemble est illustré par de nombreuses et excellentes photographies en couleurs, représentant les roches, les carrières, les géologues au travail, et des références de mise en œuvre de style soit ancien soit moderne qui montrent tout le parti que les architectes savent tirer de ces roches originales quand on a le talent pour les marier au béton, au verre et à l’acier. »

Jean Féraud, Géochronique

« … Un ouvrage clair et bien présenté, source d’information pour les professionnels, mais aussi pour le grand public qui s’intéresse à la pierre de construction. »


‘This book is an attractive and informative guide to the excellent and diverse stone resources of the Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, and Finland. (…) The book includes much information not previously available in English. Included are accounts of well-known Nordic granites, schist, sandstone, quartzite, flagstone, marble, limestone, and soapstone. The opening chapters address definitions, terminology, as well as geological, technical, economic, and infrastructural requisites for natural stone. A section on history and heritage ranges from the Middle Ages to post-Reformation to the Industrial Revolution. (…). It is highly recommended to any person with an interest in stone, Nordic geology, or Nordic architecture.’

Harvey Thorleifson, Minnesota Geological Survey

‘(…) The publication Nordic Stone should offer the reader new ideas especially in the field of engineering geology, but also to environmentalists and architects searching for ornamental stones of desired colour, mineral composition and especially technical properties.’

Dušan Hovorka, Geologica Carpathica

‘(…) This compact and light book would be interesting to take along when visiting any of the Nordic Countries.’

Marguerite A. Toscano, Gaea

(…) I found this publication extremely interesting and informative: it is very well illustrated and easy to read. My only criticism is that some of the information had been previously published in local languages and there are one or two words which have a rather strange translation.’

Elizabeth Maddocks, Open University Geological Society’s Journal

‘The book is an excellent work of reference on an exploitable geological resource apparently, as the preface informs, compatible with the concept of sustainable development.’

David Harper, Professor of Palaeontology, University of Copenhagen, European Geologist

“The publication Nordic Stone is a comprehensive reference guide on stone resources in the Nordic countries. (…) Cooperation of UNESCO, IAEG and the Nordic Geoscience Groups has resulted in this publication as part of the Stone in the World Series. It would be desirable if new publications will be added to the now existing two volumes (Stone in Southern Africa and Nordic Stone). The price of Nordic Stone presumably will be no hindrance to put it in possession of geologists and workers with natural stone.”

Wim Dubelaar , Netherlands Journal of Geosciences

‘(…) Inevitably, the book is something of a niche item. Not everyone is passionately interested in Nordic dimension stone or ornamental stone. But for those who are, it’s an (impeccable) English synthesis of publications formerly available only in the local languages.’

David Schleicher, Blueline, Association of Earth Science Editors





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